5 Most Recurring Citrix Printing Anomalies and their Proven Solutions

    5 Most Recurring Citrix Printing Anomalies
    Citrix Printing Anomalies

    Desktop virtualization and networking have become the pivot of remote collaboration. Employees can connect to the main server of their enterprise regarding any sort of task. And, the software sensation, Citrix Systems has revolutionized and got all the printing issues sorted. Citrix has expertise in desktop virtualization and cloud technologies that have simplified business efforts globally. Below in this article, you can find the details about the 5 most recurring Citrix printing anomalies and their proven solutions.

    However, printing has never been so easy. Dealing with wholesale printer cartridges locally or virtually can seem tricky for both the environments. It’s rather challenging to overcome printing issues, especially those that are virtually connected. As an IT expert and VDI admin, you should be aware of common Citrix printing issues and how to eradicate them.

    • Print Spooler Crashing Continuously

    Is your end-user waiting for a long duration to get any important piece of information printed quickly? Spooler hang-ups are quite common for printers and it doesn’t spare the printer connected with Citrix. The printer spooler might crash and while investigating the cause you might find out a hike in server CPU usage. And, the user at the end of the server might have filed a complaint against the service.

    Well, you might try restarting the printer spooler. But, that works if your luck favours. Most of the time printer spooler seems to enter an unresponsive state. The Task Manager will show you that the usage of CPU resources go higher and higher. The problem is the hidden printer driver that prohibits the spooler from working at its natural pace. You have to recognize that culprit driver and uninstall that.

    However, this is not the end of the issue. Clients have to still use the printer and if that driver goes missing, then satisfactory results will be unavailable. Therefore, you might use a diverse version of the driver or turn the client devices to the Universal Printer Driver of Citrix. Upgrading to Universal Printer Driver would minimize the risk of further conflicts. Additionally, it would free up some space. But, make sure that you can avail the functionality from Citrix that is troubling the printer variant. If the error persists avail printer repair Dubai for optimum results.

    • Sluggish Printing Speed over Networks

    One of the most aspiring factors of Citrix services is that it offers cross-network printing facilities. However, the printing mode has to maintain its particular virtual channel along with the HDX protocol stack. Every IT enterprise has limited its bandwidth value for every session. If the bandwidth does go compatible with printing requirements, then printing might turn slow.

    Another possible cause of slow printing is the inappropriate configuration at the Gateway. The entire process is directed as per the policies engraved by Citrix Systems. As a VDI admin, you have to check the Citrix Director first. If the imposed configuration is out of the defined policies, then it’s obvious to face such a latency for printing. As long as the printing completes, there are chances that the client would miss significant packets of data due to data drops.

    IT experts should address NetScaler to find out if the transport protocol is set as Enlightened Data Transport. Or, the expert must choose the right Transmission Control Protocol on NetScaler. Furthermore, examine if the clients are using PCL6 driver-based printers or not. Because such printers are more reliable than PCL5 ones for an improved experience with spooler compression.

    • Overlooking Printing Policies

    If you think that spooler crashing issues are the most annoying ones, then you are wrong. Imagine, a printer with proper settings but ignoring printing policies. The results can go as frustrating as a puzzle. If the printer conflicts with Citrix policy or Group Policy Object, then the printing troubles are inevitable. If a set of policies overlap with another, then it becomes difficult to solve the riddle as it tends to tangle with time.

    However, IT professionals have to literally sit with pen and paper to find out which policies are conflicting among themselves. Venn Diagrams could help you. Moreover, you need to avail a definite test server in its Organization Unit. Don’t forget to obstruct policy inheritance while performing this stage. Next, you have to sign into a test user account to check which policies are affecting each other. Through such an evaluation, you will be able to point out the malefactor policy.

    • Wrong Printer Configuration and Arrangement

    Setting up the printers for VDI is a crucial task and it can be done in any of the following two ways. One is Auto-create printers that indicate printers are already connected to end-point systems. The issue with this strategy is that the Citrix server has to be deployed with the end-point devices, not the printers. Another configuration is Session printers for connecting the printers directly to the Citrix server. Therefore, you have to take care of the IT requirements and other terms before deploying any of these two configurations. Otherwise, the system might undergo an unstoppable failure.

    Consequently, it can lead to policy conflicts. For larger institutions, the GPO’s can go more than complicated. As a VDI admin, you should take care of customized coded scripts; or else, it can invite slow printing experience. Additionally, you might have to assist the end-users with front-end intricacies. Because the users tend to set the printer settings as per their requirements.

    Ensure that the deployed native printer drivers suit their preferences. For instance, XML Paper specification, Universal Printer Driver should support the features. In case, you are dealing with driver issues on printers, contact printer repair Dubai services.

    • Printers not showing up in the Session

    According to Citrix’s default policy, all the printers registered on the Citrix session will automatically connect to the client. But, users have encountered issues regarding the auto-creation of printer queues. The issue has mainly stopped following services, namely: Device Setup Manager, Device Management Enrollment service, and Device Install Service.

    As an IT expert, if you are looking for a solution, then our advice would be to look into the Citrix Director, again. There, admins can check out which printers have already appeared in the session and what are the working policies. Don’t readily eliminate drivers as it can make the end-points fail severely.

    What if Printer Stops Working?

    If the printer stops printing without any prior symptom or notice, the issue might be associated with Citrix services or the in-house Microsoft service. Keep in mind that the Citrix Print Manager relies on Microsoft Print spooler. So, as an admin, you have to check both the server and their services to fix this issue.