5 Mobile App Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mobile App Design

There are more than 7 million apps available for people to download these days. This might lead you to believe that there isn’t room for any more apps right now.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a great idea for a new app, you should 100% pursue it by going through the app design process.

You will, however, want to avoid making any mobile app design mistakes. If you make even one mistake, it could doom your app from the start.

Here are five mobile app design mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Failing to Make a Solid First Impression

People will typically be able to tell whether or not they like your app within the first few seconds of using it. If you don’t grab their attention right away, you’ll be making one of the biggest mobile app design mistakes.

Your app should load up quickly, look aesthetically pleasing, and allow people to take control instantly. Otherwise, they might close out your app and delete it without even testing it out.

2. Making Mobile App Navigation Too Difficult

When you’re designing an app and testing it out, you should pay close attention to how easy mobile app navigation is. If it’s very hard to poke around on your app, people won’t want to use it.

You should design an app that allows people to move from one section to the next with ease. If they get lost within a few minutes of firing your app up, it’ll give them another reason to close it down for good and delete it.

This OrderTaker Solutions app is a great example of a user-friendly app that makes it simple to navigate your way around.

3. Including Too Many Mobile App Features

As you make your way through the app design process, you may be tempted to cram a million and one features into your app. You should resist the urge to do this.

If you shoehorn too many mobile app features into a single app, it’s going to make it load slowly and this is going to turn people off. You should keep your app design simple and avoid trying to do too much with it.

4. Neglecting to Get Enough Mobile App Feedback

Testing your app over and over (and over!) again with the help of others will be of the utmost importance. You’ll be able to take any mobile app feedback they can give you and apply it.

You should listen carefully to what feedback you’re getting. It’ll be invaluable to you as you set out to make improvements to your app.

5. Going Over Your Mobile App Design Budget

If you get too carried away during the mobile app design process, it might end up costing you a pretty penny. You could go way over your app design budget and make it impossible for you to recoup your losses later.

This is one more of the mobile app design mistakes you should strive to avoid. Commit to sticking to a budget from the beginning.

Steer Clear of These Mobile App Design Mistakes

If you make any of these mobile app design mistakes, it could doom your app from the start. It could also discourage you from wanting to make more apps in the future.

Keep these mobile app design mistakes in the back of your mind at all times and do what you can to sidestep them. It’ll make the app development process more successful for you.

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