5 Kitchen Design Trends You Need to Know About

Kitchen Design Trends

If there’s one room of the house that’s enjoying some major new design trends right now, it’s the kitchen. We’re seeing colors, textures, and finishes that feel brand new. There’s a lot happening in kitchens around the world. 

And we want to share them!

Whether you’re about to remodel your home or just want to stay abreast of what’s new, here are five kitchen design trends you should know about.

Colorful Cabinets

color cabinets

We hate to say it, but wood cabinets are pretty much outAnd those clean white cabinets you love? They’re on the way out too. Colored cabinets are the newest and most exciting trend in the world of kitchen design.

 But it’s not just one color that’s trending – color in general is having a moment. Interior designers are ditching white and neutral cabinets in favor of vibrant colors like red and blue. Bright, popping tones add a retro feel to any kitchen while still looking brand new!

On the flip side, dark hues like navy blue and hunter green are also trending. These colors create a warm, cozy environment, which is especially perfect for homes in colder climates.

 If pale, soft hues are what you prefer, you’re in luck. Pastel shades of mint green and light pink are showing up in the most stylish kitchens across the country.

Tall Backsplashes


Traditionally, a back-splash fills that narrow space behind your sink. It usually extends from the counter-tops to the bottom of the hanging cabinets. However, many homeowners are extending their back-splashes all the way to the ceiling.

 With the right type of stone or tile-work, tall back-splashes can add rich texture and dimension to your kitchen. But, there’s one thing you have to give up in order to achieve this look: Overhead wall cabinets.

 To turn the traditional back-splash into a tile wall, you can’t have those eye-level cabinets over your counter. You’ll need to have low, counter-level cabinets (or a pantry) if you want a decorative wall in your kitchen.

Smart Technology

Approaching 2020, it comes as no surprise that technology is finding its way into every room of the home – including kitchens. From Wi-Fi-enabled coffee machines to digital wine chillers, today’s kitchens contain a lot of techy products.

 One of our favorite kitchen advancements is the touchscreen refrigerator. These fridges come equipped with a camera, Wi-Fi, and recipe databases. A lot of them even monitor your fridge contents and remind you when you need to certain items (I know it sounds like a Black Mirror episode, but it makes grocery shopping much easier).

The fridge isn’t the only place where touchscreens are showing up, either. You’ll also find them on wall ovens, stove ranges, and other appliances.

The best part? These smart kitchen appliances can connect to your voice assistant (i.e., Alexa). That way, you can start preheating the oven from the other room!

Brightly Colored Appliances

colorful appliancesUntil recently, brightly colored appliances were only found in the most luxurious homes. With stoves from brands like Viking and La Cornue selling for more than $10k, it’s easy to understand why.

 But as the trend becomes more and more popular, we’re starting to see some pretty colorful appliances from more affordable brands. Companies like KitchenAid and Smeg are leading the way with eye-catching products that people can actually afford.

So the next time you have to replace your refrigerator or dishwasher, don’t limit yourself to stainless steel. There are plenty of stylish, bold options out there!

 Ironically, as much as colorful appliances are trending, so are black appliances – matte black to be exact. These pieces add a sleek, modern look to any kitchen, and look particularly beautiful on a nice hardwood floor.

Just keep this in mind:

Don’t mix colorful cabinets with colorful appliances. Too much color in the kitchen (or any room) can be overwhelming. A blue refrigerator will never look good with red or green cabinets.

Gold, Pewter, and Gunmetal Hardware

gold hardware

Brushed nickel, stainless steel, and chrome have been the standard fixture colors for decades. But as cabinets and appliances become more colorful, hardware and accents are shifting into new hues as well.

 In some of the freshest, finest kitchen designs, new metallics are taking center stage. Shades of gold, rose gold, pewter, and gunmetal look fresh and new. You’ll find these metallic finishes on everything from faucets and light fixtures to trims on high-end stoves.

 Metallic finishes are also finding their way into kitchens in another surprising way – sinks.

And we’re not talking about the traditional stainless steel sink that’s been a fixture in American kitchens for years. We’re talking sinks in all of the fresh new metallic hues we mentioned above, many of which include unique patterns and textures.


If you’ve ever remodeled a home, you know that the kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms. It costs a lot of money to redecorate and buy new appliances.

Therefore, it makes sense that you might be hesitant to embrace the trends. After all, you’ll probably live with your kitchen for at least a decade.

In other words:

If you still love your wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, keep them! They’re not completely outdated, and they have a classic elegance that might never go out of style.

But if you want your kitchen to reflect the newest trends in interior design, you might want to make a few changes.


Keep in mind:

Not all of these trends work together. If your favorite new trend is colorful appliances, stick with neutral cabinets.

If you choose colorful cabinets, on the other hand, keep the appliances neutral. The key to creating a stunning kitchen design is to find that perfect balance and know what works together (and what doesn’t).

Author bio:

Ryan Sundling is a Group Marketing Manager at Cardinal Group Management. He has over 10 years of experience in the student housing industry and works with Dwell the Towers on a daily basis to help them with their marketing efforts.