5 Handy Tools for Dealing With Snow This Winter 

5 Handy Tools for Dealing With SnowWhether you experience heavy snow in winter or an icy dusting, it’s always a great idea to be prepared. Snow often causes issues with accessibility to driveways and sidewalks, and removing it can be back-breaking work. However, if you need a hand with this, here are some top tools to invest in this winter to take the hard work out of snow removal. Here we can provide the 5 handy tools for dealing with snow

1. Snow sweeper 

If your car is covered in snow, be sure to clear it as much as possible before attempting to drive away. The best way to do this without damaging your paintwork and glass is using a snow sweeper. This handy tool can clear a few inches off the car quickly and easily. Plus, most models use a silicone material to give you flexibility without worrying about scratching the exterior. There are several options to choose from including extendable snow sweepers. In addition, some include ice scrapers at the opposite end to take care of those stubborn ice patches. 

2. Snowblower 

If you find shoveling snow back-breaking work, then a snowblower is the perfect alternative. This equipment will breeze through different snowfall thicknesses with ease and throw snow far enough away to ensure you have plenty of access to your home and garden. The selection of blowers available also includes battery-powered and gas-powered models. 

3. Ice melter crystals

Traditionally salt is spread on roads during winter to avoid icy patches building up. However, at home, salt may not be readily available for sidewalks and driveways. A great alternative is ice-melting crystals. Many products are now environmentally friendly and safe for kids and pets, so you have no worries placing them around your exterior areas. Many ice melts can also be used on wood and concrete surfaces. Just sprinkle the ice with the crystals, and they get to work fast on melting it away. 

4. Snow shovel

While a snowblower is the best way to remove snow from your exterior areas quickly, it’s helpful to have a shovel nearby too. Snow shovels are available in a variety of sizes, and there are models designed to reduce strain on your back and posture. A small shovel is also suitable for keeping in your car for emergencies. 

5. Roof rake 

If you get heavy snowfall each year, it can put a strain on your property’s roof and outbuildings. A great way to remove this is by investing in a roof rake. Roof rakes make it easier to reach up to the roof and pull the snow down in smaller chunks. Some models extend several feet, so often, you don’t need to worry about climbing ladders in icy conditions. Just be sure to watch out for anything underneath the area you’re pulling snow from. 

We’re hoping that winter is kind this year for everyone and extreme weather doesn’t cause havoc. However, being prepared for all eventualities will make the colder months more comfortable and accessible whatever the season decides to throw at us.