5 Fun Timezone Activities in a Villawood Arcade

5 Fun Timezone Activities in a Villawood Arcade
5 Fun Timezone Activities in a Villawood Arcade

Villawood is a small suburb that has an estimated 6,000 people. It is so undersized that when a bigger plaza opened nearby, most businesses of Woodville (formerly known as Villawood Place, a once major shopping centre) lost traction and declared bankruptcy. Fortunately, it is currently undergoing renovation and is seen as a significant business boom in the area. below in this article, we will cover the 5 Fun Timezone Activities in a Villawood Arcade.

But even though it is in the process of rebuilding, this petite-sized community goes full-blast when it comes to their recreation, especially where children are concerned. A Villawood arcade is perfect for entertaining kids (and kids-at-heart) whenever the need arises.

There are several arcades in the area which cater to everyone. A census a few years back recorded that children who are aged zero to fourteen comprised at least twenty percent of the suburb’s population. More than half of those kids love fun and games. That is the reason why most kids prefer Timezone. What does it have, anyway?


Bowling is not just for adults. Children also get to bowl in a mini-bowling centre designed just for them. But regular bowling alleys are also in place so that you can bowl as a family. 

Arcade games

Gone are the days when Pac-Man and Galaga ruled the world. When you enter a Villawood arcade, you realise that there is no need to choose between one or two gaming consoles. There are quite a few games there, depending on the wants of your gaming heart. They have regular arcade games such as Mario Kart, Tekken 7, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Luigi’s Mansion, and Space Invaders FRENZY, among others. Claw games are also a big hit with the kids. Some of them include the Wizard of Oz, E-Claw, and Big Sweet Land. They have riding games like MotoGP, Daytona, Mine Rider 2-3D, and OutRun 2 SP SDX. Do you want to move it? They have NBA Hoops, Hyper Shoot, Ring Toss, and Dark Escape 4D to make you break a sweat. And if you want to try your luck, Wheel of Fortune is an excellent game to try. There are a lot of games that you cannot get enough of.

Bumper cars

Variety is the name of the game. A quiet town like Villawood is no match for the crazy bumper car rides. You get into a car, spin, rotate and bump your companions while driving like a crazy person. The fun part is, adults get in line to ride them, too. 

Laser Tag

Kids want to feel like they are on top of the world. They sometimes pretend to be a super spy looking for their arch enemy. They imagine racing to the Villawood Railway Station to catch him before he wreaks havoc on the suburb. Laser Tag is an interactive form of play that helps them do that. Unfortunately, there are height and clothing requirements before you get to play, so it is best to check with arcade management first.

Top Spin

Some kids are highly competitive. Playing table tennis is not an exception. Arcades have these for those who keep score of their winnings and losses. Kids love these tables, but adults do, too.

With a variety of new entertainment and recreational venues, Villawood is turning out to be a place of fun and sport. If you are a kid in the area, you are lucky. You are already living the life and dreams of your peers.