5 Date Night Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

5 Date Night Ideas That Are Anything But Boring
5 Date Night Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

Every couple knows that with the passing of years and the complication of busy schedules it can be a real challenge to keep your relationship fresh. It’s easy to fall into a routine that doesn’t always make “couple time” a priority. This can have a real effect on your levels of intimacy. below in this article, we will cover the 5 Date Night Ideas That Are Anything But Boring.

Date nights are a great idea to consciously make time to share together as a couple. Although it is important to find regular ways to show your appreciation for your partner, setting a date night can give you something to look forward to. If you need to start out by adding a date night to your calendar that’s okay. You will be surprised at how quickly your dates become a habit that you look forward to.

Going out for dinner or to a movie every time that you have date night can be a bit boring. If you try mixing it up with some unique ideas like hitting the paintball field or taking a gourmet cooking class together you can keep things fresh. Let’s take a look at a few fun date night ideas that are anything but boring.

Escape Room

One of the most popular date nights or group activities to hit the scene in the last decade are Escape Rooms. These intricately designed theme rooms can keep you entertained for hours while you solve the clues and puzzles to get yourself free. 

Spend the evening working together as a team and renewing your couple’s connection as you work toward your escape. You can try a different theme room each time that you go or set a group date and play an escape room with your friends.


There is a time in most long-term relationships where you both need to blow off a little steam to get back to your normal rhythms. You can’t get better stress relief than being able to harmlessly gun down your loved one. Ha!

You can hit the paintball field and spend the day working together or chasing each other through a variety of fun courses. Enjoy the outdoors together and see who has the best aim. A great alternative to paintball guns are these water gel guns by Gel Blaster.


Nothing creates a feeling of bonding like sharing an adventure. If your date nights have been getting a bit too sedate, it might be time to shake things up a bit. Take flight on a zipline course that is guaranteed to bring you some thrills. 

Choose from a variety of landscapes and course lengths that interest you and your partner and get up above the trees for a one of a kind experience to share together.

Recreate Your First Date

Whether it has been 20 months or 20 years since your first date, it’s likely a night that you won’t ever forget. If you are looking for a way to recreate some of the magic and passion that you once had, you can recreate your first date as a romantic gesture. 

Visit the same restaurant, take the same drive or rent the first movie that you shared together. Reliving your most cherished memories can help you to see how far you have come together and helped renew your connection.

Cooking Class

If you are looking to upgrade your date night dinner you can try a gourmet cooking class and skip your usual restaurant. Sign up for a class that will have you working together to discover and prepare your own gourmet meal. 

Learn new cooking techniques and enjoy the fruits of your labor while you enjoy a unique dining experience that you will always remember. You may even be inspired to make one of your date nights a stay-at-home cooking night in the future.


Keeping things in your relationship fresh takes a conscious effort to appreciate your partner and your shared connection. Making time to spend together as a couple is a great way to renew your bonds and have a bit of fun.