5 Best apps to hack someone’s phone number

Spying apps are becoming familiar tools to millions of users around the world. They help you keep tabs with loved ones, track them if they get lost, monitor what your children are doing online, or even hack into someone’s phone secretly. below in this article, we will cover the 5 Best apps to hack someone’s phone number.

Although the market is full of options, choosing the best option for your needs is always a struggle among many people. If you are in the process of picking the best app for hacking anyone’s phone, then here is the solution. Today, we are going to review five of the best apps that can do that job flawlessly.

1. Spyier

5 Best apps to hack someone's phone number
5 Best apps to hack someone’s phone number

On top of our list is this app with millions of users around the globe. You can hack someone phone with just their number on Spyier. It is simple and straightforward.

The reason why this is the best spy app to use is that it has positive reviews from its users. Additionally, major online brands such as CNET, TechRadar, Toms Guide, and Digital Trends, mention the brand as one of the most influential brands in this niche.

Spyier is compatible with both Android and iPhone. No need to jailbreak or root them to install the app. Signing up is a simple process. The app also offers premium plans for various users. For instance, if you want to monitor multiple phones, you can choose a family plan suitable for that.


For parents who want to keep watch of their children, this is the app to use. Spyier has incredible monitoring features such as geofencing, and watch who they text and who texts. 

You can also use what  is available at Spyier’s website to monitor a cheating spouse.  All we are trying to imply is that this spy app is suitable for everyone. Furthermore, this app operates behind the scenes. The owner will not detect it.

2. Spyic

Second in line is this amazing spy app, which offers similar features to Spyier.


No need to root or jailbreak your target device to install the app. Spyic understands that doing so can turn your phone into stone. Installing the app is easy. You can install the app remotely. 

After installation, the app operates like a ghost. As in, the owner will not detect its presence.

Once you install this app, you will be able to track your subject, monitor what they do online, download images, see all the installed apps, keystroke logging features, monitor social media accounts, and many other features.

Spyic offers various plans for users. Besides that, you can choose a family or corporate version, which allows you to monitor more devices from the same interface.

3. Cocospy

When you give your tablets and mobile phones to your employees, you need to be sure that they are using them for the intended purpose. Some staff can be cunning sometimes.

If you are looking for a way to monitor them, then this is the app to use. You can install it in both android and iPhones. There is no need to root or jailbreak the phone. 


Cocospy has multiple monitoring features. The good thing about this app is that all of them function flawlessly. You will not experience any downtime while it functions on the target device. 

Other people that can use this spy app include parents who want to monitor their kids movements, and spouses who want to find out what their partners are doing when they are not together

4. Phonespector

Some people, especially cheating spouses, will delete messages before they come close to you. How do you deal with this? With Phonespector, you can get the privilege of seeing deleted texts and any other content.

The benefit of this app is that you will be able to view the target device’s activities in real-time. Phonespector also has a call-recording feature, which makes it easy to catch a cheating spouse.

On the other hand, the only drawback of this spy app is one. Unlike Spyier, where you can create a free account and buy a premium plan later, this one you have to purchase before you get permission to log into the account.

5. Spybubble

If you want a complete hack into someone’s phone, then you can use this app. Spybubble is a spy app that helps explicitly to catch cheating couples red-handed.

The app comes with exciting features that you are going to love. For instance, the app can hack the camera of the target device, capture screenshots, and send them to the remote user interface. You can also view the person’s activities, listen to call recordings, and view their passwords.

Spybubble is available for Windows, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets. The only drawback with this spy app is that you have to purchase a plan before you can try the app, which is unlike the Spyier app.


There you have it. Spying on someone secretly has never been this easy. Thanks to the spy app technology. Among the five, Spyier seems to be the most suitable option for people on a budget. Besides that, you can be sure of results since millions of users around the world have tested the app.