4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Serum Presets in Music Production

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Serum Presets in Music Production
4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Serum Presets in Music Production

Music producers are presented with hard choices. First, they have to arrange the music, create a beat, record the song, and then produce it. It will be more challenging if the artist doesn’t have the talent but has the money to pay for music production services. Below in this article, we will cover the 4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Serum Presets in Music Production4 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Serum Presets in Music Production.

Fortunately, serum presets are continually modified to ease the process of music production. With serum, you can create and choose a beat easily and adjust the song according to an artist’s preference. 

Advantages of serum presets

1. Unique sound effect

Each set of serum presets you download contains new and unique sound effects. You can easily use the sound effects to manipulate the music. For example, you can buy a package containing d10 different sound effects. 

2. Tutorial

Another advantage of serum presets is the availability of tutorials on how to use them. So, if you are a music producer beginner, you can learn how to use serum skin from online tutorials. It is challenging to come across a tutorial showing you how to use a product. However, serum skins designers have ensured that the producer will have an easy time when they start using a serum. 

3. Affordable

Did you know you can buy serum skin from as little as $10.00? The serum is affordable, and the price varies depending on the features of the serum skin. With as low as $10.00, you can edit and produce a high-end quality of music. 

4. Incredible features

Imagine a situation where you can turn text into sound or pictures into waveforms. Music production is undoubtedly enjoyable if you use the right tools.

Why You Should Use A Serum

The serum is software designed to ease the work of a producer. It enables s the producer to view the type of sound they are producing and modify accordingly. In other words, it provides visual workflow. Here are the features that come with the serum presets. 

You can create, import, and edit wavetables. Also, it has an oscillator that produces high-quality sound. This means, if you are used to producing music whose audio is surrounded by noises and crowded frequencies, you should try using serum presets.

Every producer understands the benefit of real-time manipulation of wavetable. Serum allows you to visualize waveform with the synth.

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Modulation, a filter module, a wavetable oscillator, and effects are some of the features provided by the serum skins that determine the quality of music produced.

What should you look for when buying serum presets? You should look out for their playability and customization.

Good serum presets should sound well when played live. The sound should be perfect. Also, you should be able to customize the music to fit your record. Use all the macros on the serum to test how the presets sound under the influence of each. 


Presets are an ideal feature if the sound you’re producing alone doesn’t fit 100% quality. Also, if you are still practicing on how to produce music, implement presets, and find out how you perform. Alternately, if you know about presets and you want to create your presets, you can buy from other manufacturers and get inspiration from them.