4 reasons why paraphrasing tools are helpful for students

4 reasons why paraphrasing tools are helpful for students
4 reasons why paraphrasing tools are helpful for students

If you have created something, you own it and this principle is applied for content creation as well. If you have a look at the information searching methods a decade back, people used to search through books and manually write information. However, this is a technology-dominated era and the internet is the key source of searching data. You can find content on every topic and subject domain through search engines. All kinds of users including students access different websites to gather content and then use to the specific needs they have. However, when you don’t own content published on the internet, there are some rules and regulations for using it. Copying information means plagiarism and it is a forbidden act. If you are using information published online, it has to be paraphrased. below in this article, we will cover the 4 reasons why paraphrasing tools are helpful for students

What is paraphrasing and what is the easiest way to do it?

Paraphrasing in layman terms is rewriting content with a different word selection. In this way, proper credit is given to the writer who worked hard endlessly to produce the content.

  • If you want to rewrite information manually, you would have a lot of free time available on your hands. Students are always running for time. They have to handle several tasks including assignment completion, homework, and final year projects. Thus, when you talk about time availability, students mostly face scarcity in this relation. If they are working on an assignment of 2500 words, it would be hard for them to compile content as well as paraphrase it. If you are using the best paraphrasing tool, the compiled content can be written in the easiest way.

Here are 4 reasons you should not paraphrase content manually and use an online tool for this purpose.

Accurate paraphrasing to combat plagiarism problems

When you are reading several paragraphs, certain lines can be skipped as well. Similarly, when you are paraphrasing content, some part of the written information may be ignored and submitted in the original form. In other words, you would be submitting copied content. Do not take this risk as you can face serious penalties. Academic institutions do not compromise at all when it comes to plagiarism. They take strict actions against students involved in it.

  • Soft wares are not prone to human errors and they do not make mistakes as we do. Here, you have to be sure that the tool you have selected has a good reputation. It is not intelligent thinking to expect that low standard paraphrasing tools would produce optimum results. If you have selected a good tool, you can be sure that the written information would be rephrased with complete efficiency. The same level of accuracy cannot be attained if you are reading each sentence and then rewriting it.

Less time needed to paraphrase content

Students are mostly given assignments with a lot of word count. An essay paper, term paper or research paper would mostly have a minimum word limit of 3 to 4 thousand. The time that students have to work on them is not a lot. For instance, a student may be instructed to complete an essay in four days. This time frame would not be used dedicatedly for writing the essay paper. The reason being that students have to complete several academic tasks including taking lectures. Thus, with tough schedules, it becomes hard to go through manual paraphrasing as well.

  • Students mostly have to work on academic papers. They work on multiple categories of academic papers including research papers and dissertations.

No need to have top notch paraphrasing skills

Time is not the only thing you need to paraphrase the content. There are various other parameters students have to think about. It is mandatory to have exceptional paraphrasing skills. Most students do not have adequate paraphrasing abilities. When they are done with the paraphrasing tasks, they think that the content has become plagiarism-free. However, when the content is scanned through a plagiarism checker, copied areas are highlighted. This is where students do not have any turning back. They have to tolerate a low grade or even rejection of the assignment.

  • Students who are using a paraphrasing tool can get perfectly rewritten content even if they do not have up to the mark rewriting skills. They do not have to get tensed about whether their grades being adversely affected. It is important to understand that even students with good paraphrasing abilities are able to produce quality rewritten content.

Focus on the quality of content

Academic assignments are graded on the basis of multiple important factors. The most important of them is the content quality submitted by the student. Thinking about paraphrasing the content is an added tension for students. They have to be hasty with the research work so that everything gets completed on time. This can have a negative impact on the quality of content. Students who handle things with a smart approach use these paraphrasing tools so that the rewriting tasks get completed without spending any time.

  • You need to remember that every academic paper needs to have content according to the scope and research statement. If you have included top notch content but it does not match with the scope of the paper, your grade would suffer. This does happen when you have to pay attention to other tasks like paraphrasing. These tools help students in giving all their time to research tasks.

Summing it Up

Paraphrasing can surely prove to be an irritating task for students. One of the many reasons is that they have to read each line and then rewrite it. If you have to deal with thousands of words, it would be next to impossible to complete the research tasks as well as rewriting. These tools for paraphrasing are free so no charges have to be paid by the user. They provide a lot of relief to students because they do not have to spend time on rewriting tasks.