4 Focus-Improving Tricks to Boost the Efficiency of Your Study Sessions

4 Focus-Improving Tricks to Boost the Efficiency of Your Study Sessions
4 Focus-Improving Tricks to Boost the Efficiency of Your Study Sessions

Next to the lack of time to work on all the papers they have to write, college students tend to complain about their poor ability to focus. Quite often, even when there is seemingly enough time until the deadline, students eventually resort to buying an essay from an online paper writing service. Not because they do not want to write it on their own, but because they have trouble focusing on a single task, and thus waste too much time in order to complete it. Fortunately, you can improve your ability to concentrate, and you can start doing it right now, without going for a ten-week meditation retreat. below in this article, we will cover the 4 Focus-Improving Tricks to Boost the Efficiency of Your Study Sessions. Here are some tricks that can help you do it.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro is one of the simplest and most straightforward time management and concentration boosting techniques out there. To follow it, you can either buy one of the multiple cheap Pomodoro-based apps or make do with a timer on your smartphone. The principle is simple: you set the timer on 25 minutes and focus wholeheartedly on the current task (e.g., writing an essay). When the time is up, you set the timer on 5 minutes and take a break, then repeat a 25-minute period of focus (these periods are called “Pomodoros”). After 4 Pomodoros, you take a longer, 10-15 minute break and start the cycle anew.

The idea is that when you work on a large, boring and intimidating task and there is no end in sight, you immediately start looking for pretexts to distract yourself. Meanwhile, 25 minutes is a relatively short period, one that you can dedicate to even the dullest task without getting distracted every couple of minutes.

“Five More” Trick

Next time you write a particularly obnoxious custom essay, instead of finally deciding to purchase it from a writing service, say to yourself, “I will try to write five more sentences before giving up.” When you write these five sentences, repeat and continue to do so as long as you can. Then take a break.

This trick can be used in a variety of ways. Five more minutes of studying. Five more pages to read. Etc. The basic idea is that you always give yourself a small step to take instead of looking at the entire insurmountable task ahead.

Block Distractions

Buying a cabin in the mountains is not necessary to block out the distractions of the modern world. Ironically, you can use tech to block out tech (here is an article where you can find some examples). If you cannot keep yourself from social media, messengers and other time-wasting websites and apps, make other apps and browser extensions do this job for you. Although you can get through them if you are determined, usually making a distraction harder to happen is enough to get rid of it.

Try a Distraction List

Many use to-do lists. Most of them are ready to pay good money to get their hands on something that would help them complete their to-do lists at least occasionally. Ironically, for many people, the solution is right within their grasp, in the form of a distraction list.

In addition to a to-do list, create a list where you put every distracting thought or idea that comes to your head. A website you suddenly want to visit, an email to check, a Facebook status to look up, etc. Put it there immediately as it appears and promise yourself that you will check it out as soon as you complete your current task (or at the end of your workday). 9 times out of 10, if you manage to keep yourself from these distractions until the end of your work period, you will feel no desire whatsoever to waste time on these distractions. That is because they are distractions – they have no value by themselves; they are just tricks your subconscious mind uses to stop you from doing something boring or intimidating.

How do you find these tips? Tell us what you do to boost your focus!