4 Entry Level Dirt Bikes Perfect for Beginners

Dirt Bikes

Motocross is an exciting sport with sharp turns, twists, and jumps, making up part of the thrill. You might have seen expert riders on their dirt bikes, and you want to try out the sport. It is important that you start with an entry-level dirt bike to ensure your comfort and safety. Getting the biggest bike on the market is not a safe option, so ensure to size yourself up and get a beginner bike that matches your taste. Below is a list of four entry-level dirt bikes that are perfect for beginners.

Four Entry Level Dirt Bikes For Beginners

These bikes are designed with features to help beginners enjoy the most of their riding experience while getting better at the sport. Check out the bikes below.

  • Honda CRF250RX 2022: Honda is a leading brand in the production of dirt bikes. They provide top-quality bikes for experts and beginners alike. The Honda CRF250RX is one of the best beginner bikes on the market with amazing features. One of the best features of this dirt bike is its electric start. This allows riders to get the bike working with the push of a button. This saves you the stress of kicking the bike repeatedly. With a high ground clearance that features an 18-inch rear wheel and a 21-inch front wheel, you can be sure to ride safely on any terrain. The bike also features a four-stroke engine that gives you full control over your speed. 
  • Yamaha YZ125 2022: Just like Honda, Yamaha is a popular brand among dirt bike riders, experts, and beginners alike. One of the outstanding features of this bike is its lightweight. Weighing just 207 pounds with a full tank,  this dirt bike is ultralight allowing you to maneuver with ease. It is also very fast, so you can be sure to win a lot of races with this bike.
  • Kawasaki KLX110 2022: The Kawasaki KLX110 2022 is a powerful bike suitable for beginners. With a 4-stroke engine that you can easily control and a low center of gravity, you can ride with speed while having full control of the bike. The tires which are 12-inch at the rear and 14-inch in front give you balance allowing you to ride safely on any terrain. 
  • Yamaha TTR-230 2022: The second bike Yamaha bike on the list, the Yamaha TTR-230 is a reliable dirt bike that comes in a compact size. With a low seat height, it is suitable for people of different sizes. Not only is the seat low, it is also comfortable allowing you to enjoy your long rides. Having an electric ignition, you will not spend too much time turning it on. The ground clearance gives you balance while riding on different types of terrains.


You can also check out KTM dirt bikes to get the best beginner dirt bikes to start your motocross career.