4 Easy Ways to Schedule a Meeting, Online or Offline

Schedule a Meeting

Did you know that the United States has over 31.5 million small businesses? As a result, small businesses create the majority of job positions in the United States.

Yet, no matter if your business is big or small, meetings are essential to keep it operating smoothly since they allow management to discuss essential topics with employees.

Do you know how to schedule a meeting? If not, we invite you to keep reading this post as we give you some ideas that’ll help you have a productive meeting.

1. Schedule a Meeting by Email

Perhaps the easiest way to set up a meeting is by email since most companies provide emails to their employees. But, you’ll want to make sure that the email has a clear subject title, so the recipient knows what the meeting is about. Furthermore, you should be flexible with the meeting by offering different time slots.

As you can imagine, this is especially important if your recipients are from different time zones. Finally, ensure that you ask the recipient to reply to the email so you know that they received it.

2. Use Zoom 

Zoom gained lots of popularity during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic since it offered an easy way for companies to hold meetings. Moreover, Zoom is an excellent tool to meet with several people since you can host over 100 people in the same Zoom room. You can also use a service business software or a WordPress booking system with Zoom integration for a 2-in-1 fit.

But, of course, Zoom has its limits since it doesn’t let people take notes or can start to slow down if the host has slow internet.

3. Book a Conference Room

If you want to go old-school, then scheduling a meeting in a conference room is a great choice. But, of course, you’ll want to make sure that the location is easily accessible for the attendees, or you may end up in an empty meeting room. Furthermore, you may want to offer food and beverage, especially if the meeting will take several hours to finish.

And if you want to go the extra mile, you could provide the attendees with notebooks so they can easily take meeting notes.

4. Try Microsoft Teams

If you plan to have a PowerPoint presentation during the meeting, then Microsoft Teams is the best software to schedule and host a meeting. As you can imagine, you’ll be able to easily invite people to your meetings with your Microsoft Outlook account.

Additionally, there’s an option on Microsoft Teams that allows you to create Outlook room lists, making organizing the meeting a lot smoother.

Easily Schedule a Meeting Today

As you have seen, it’s quite easy to schedule a meeting today. But, of course, you’ll want to use the method that best fits your needs and that of the attendees. Moreover, you may want to check with your company to see which way has proven most effective in the past.

Did you find this post helpful in scheduling a meeting? If so, feel free to browse through our other work-related posts before you go!