4 Benefits of Fractional Boat Ownership – Why It’s a Popular Choice for Savvy Boat Buyers

Fractional Boat Ownership

Did you know that 100 million Americans go boating each year? If you want to join millions of people on the water but can’t afford to buy a boat, what do you do?

You could rent, but if you get on the water enough times, the costs will add up. Instead, consider joining a fractional boat ownership program that lets you buy shares of a boat and use it on a schedule.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of this boating method.

1. Affordability

One of the main benefits of fractional boat ownership is affordability. A boat share program cuts the price of buying a vessel significantly.

You’ll still need a big chunk of change to join a program like Freedom Boat Club, but you’ll save a lot of money overall.

Plus, you’ll be able to sell your share of ownership at any time. Since boats in a fractional program are well maintained, the value of your share won’t go down as much as it would if you sell a boat after purchasing it outright.

2. Less Hassle

When it comes to fractional boat ownership vs. whole ownership, there is less hassle in the former. Although owning a boat is a dream for many, some don’t take into account the responsibilities that come with it.

You have to maintain and clean a boat when you own it. You can hire people to do this for you, but that is a lot more research and money.

Purchasing a boat through a shared network eliminates these responsibilities. A boat fractional ownership company provides this assistance by handling the maintenance and cleaning.

Luxury lifestyles without the stress of hiring staff are beneficial to anyone wanting to boat.

3. New Locations

Boat ownership programs often include cruising to new locations. Fractional boat investments can be cruised to and from different ports.

Although a lot of owners agree that they enjoy this perk, there is a downside to it.

Your boat might move somewhere that you don’t want to go. If the rest of the owners agree to move the boat, you are out of luck. The rules of a program will depend on your specific contract.

4. Test the Waters

If you eventually want to buy a boat, joining a membership program is the perfect way to test the waters. This will help you decide if fractional ownership is right for you or if you still want to purchase a boat outright.

You won’t be able to personalize your boat, but if you find the right program, you’ll be able to use boats that are to your taste.

In some contracts, you are able to use different boats to enjoy a new location. There are ownership companies that maintain entire fleets and allow owners to use different boats that are similar in value.

Try Fractional Boat Ownership!

Fractional boat ownership has many benefits, the main one being affordability. Not only do you pay less to enjoy a boat, but you don’t have to worry about additional maintenance fees.

With less hassle and new locations to see, you’ll receive the best boating experience. Try out fractional boat ownership to figure out if buying a boat outright is still in your future.

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