4 Benefits of Choosing a Localized Keyword for Your Next Blog Post

Localized Keyword

Did you know that three out of four people who search for something “near me” on their phones end up visiting a related business within a day? And that of those who visit, nearly a third result in a purchase. 

If you want to increase your sales and profits, then you need to focus on your localized keyword strategy. Don’t worry if you’re not yet sold on the importance of local keyword search because you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn the top benefits of local keyword SEO here. 

1. Higher Rankings in the SERPs

The first benefit of localized SEO is increased rankings on the search engine pages. Most of the time, localized keywords are more accessible to rank than their national versions. 

For example, ranking for “best electrician” or “how to find an electrician” can be difficult. However, if you’re an electrician in the south Tampa area, ranking for “best electrician in Sarasota” becomes much more attainable. Take the time to learn how to perform keyword analysis for SEO so you can rank for the right keywords in your area. 

2. Target the Right Traffic

In addition to ranking higher, you’ll also find an added benefit of capturing the attention of the right traffic. This means you’ll find people searching for your product or service in your local area. 

Focusing on user intent and creating content for your target audience will help bring warm traffic to your website. And converting warm traffic that already wants and needs your product or service will lead to increased conversions. 

3. Increase Leads and Sales

Because it’s easier to convert warm traffic, you’ll see an increase in both leads and sales. Imagine if your sales team had a steady supply of new leads daily. And then imagine that they were leads who already need your product or service. 

As you can see, local keyword SEO can lead to an increase in traffic and an improvement in your bottom line. The last benefit will help your sales team close more leads from having an audience that already trusts you. 

4. Build Brand Trust and Increase Your Authority

You want to be known as the expert in your industry. And the best way to demonstrate your authority is through detailed and valuable blog posts or videos. 

This final benefit is the culmination of all four we’ve listed. You’ll see increased targeted traffic and build authority through your content, providing your business with a steady stream of new leads and increased sales. 

Use These Localized Keyword Benefits to Your Success

Now you know the many benefits of local keywords, you can start to use them to increase your visibility online. Learning how to choose a localized keyword is vital to your success in ranking your website. With the right localized keyword strategy, you’ll enjoy the benefits of success year after year.

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