3 Whisky Tasting Themes To Spice Up Your Next Event

3 Whisky Tasting Themes
3 Whisky Tasting Themes

Inviting whisky enthusiasts to visit a distillery to sample different whiskies without any plan, program, or twist is boring and lacks creativity and focus. If you want to upgrade and make your next event more engaging, fun, and exciting, establish a clear event focal point. A simple change like setting a theme for the party will ensure that your visitors will have a blast.

Most people who host these whisky tasting events think that rallying around distilleries is enough to engage visitors and make their purchases. While these events will never run out of distillery venues, it would be a welcomed change if organizers could set up a better pace on how they hold these parties. By staging your venue, setting a unified tone for all event-goers, and adding activities in line with your chosen team, you can turn a plain event into something your party-goers won’t forget. Here are some fresh and unique themes you can consider and choose from.

Highlight your best whisky blend

Most whisky enthusiasts are thrilled at the thought of staging an amateur blending taste-off in a whisky tasting event. Try this out by encouraging your visitors to come with their own best whisky blend. You can also try creating a more structured whisky blend-off by instructing everyone to use the same whisky bottles for their perfect blend. This theme is ideal in utilizing whiskies that may not be that great-tasting by itself but perfect in complimenting other bottles.

You can even go all out in making your event theme more unique, like encouraging your guests to mix a foreign whisky with a local one. For example, you can instruct them to order whisky online in Singapore and mix the same with one found in your local distillery.

Whisky drinking for charity

It has been a growing trend among club and distillery owners to turn a whisky tasting event into a charity to raise funds for a specific cause. Some well-known clubs host events for donors to taste the rarest whisky bottles in exchange for their support. Other groups also hold events that aim to raise millions of dollars to support food banks. For such charity events or casual drinking, you can buy drinks from a whisky shop London at cheap rates. They usually set an open whisky tasting event wherein every guest is asked to pay a specific entry fee to taste special whiskey and private wine barrels. You can also draw inspiration from these events. Start by choosing a charity that’s close to your heart. After which, plan the details of the party and work on it!

Whisky Swap

3 Whisky Tasting Themes
3 Whisky Tasting Themes

All whisky drinkers have their own favorites, and while collecting more items to add to their whisky collection, there might be some bottles that they like the least. Instead of letting another bottle go to waste, why not hold a whisky tasting event allowing your partygoers to swap their least preferred bottle with a bottle from another participant. Set the event rules by instructing your guests to bring their least favorite whisky bottles.

Randomly choose who gets to receive the bottles you pooled from your guests. After their bottle was revealed, give them the option to trade with another guest. These may be minor shifts in how you usually stage your parties, but it will surely change your guests’ way of looking at whisky tasting events. If you’re looking for premium-quality and authentic whisky, check out Jarbarlar online liquor selection. With their seal of authenticity and quality, they will change the way you enjoy your whisky — one bottle at a time.