Insta Tips and Tricks: 3 Ways to Get IG Likes

3 Ways to Get IG Likes
3 Ways to Get IG Likes

Although Instagram is beginning to phase out visible likes, the algorithm still works exactly the same as it always has. This means the more likes you get, the more likely your post is to reach other users.

That said, it’s not as easy as it might seem to get IG likes. It takes time and a well-crafted posting strategy to grow your likes and followers. But we’re here to help you do it!

To learn how to create posts that will increase your likes and help you to grow your account, just keep reading.

1. Use the Right Tags

The first step is to use the right tags on your posts. This means using both hashtags and location tags every single time.

Now, Instagram allows you to put as many hashtags as you want and tag any location you choose, but it’s important to use these tools wisely.

Keep your hashtag count under 11 and ensure that each tag is relevant to the post and popular with other users. The best hashtags for likes are those that are popular enough to be searched by others but not so popular that your post gets lost in a sea of millions of others.

Your location tag should also be relevant, whether it’s to the location of your photo or your location at the time of posting.

2. Add Captions

Writing quality captions for your posts is one of the toughest parts of using Instagram, but it’s essential if you want to get real Instagram likes.

The Instagram caption character limit is 2,200, and you can hit that every time or write a catchy one-liner for each post, as long as your captions are captivating. Captions are what allow other users to get to know you! Each caption should represent your personality and brand message.

Pro tip: when in doubt, ask a relevant question! It gives other users an excuse to interact with your post, boosting engagement.

3. Engage With Other Users

The key to finding success on Instagram is to be an active user yourself. You can’t expect to get likes on Instagram if you never give them!

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours a day scrolling your feed and browsing the explore page. However, you should make a point to set aside 15-30 minutes a day for Instagram.

If your page is filled with fantastic pictures but you don’t have the numbers you’d like yet, consider getting some free Instagram likes to boost your reputation. When other users visit your page because you liked one of their posts, they’ll see that your photos already have likes, making them more likely to give you a follow and stick around. 

Get IG Likes to Grow Your Instagram Account

Contrary to what those who don’t use social media might believe, growing your account takes hard work and dedication. You have to spend time studying your analytics, honing your brand voice, and perfecting your posts to get 3 ways to get IG likes.

That said, if you have a passion for your page and your personal message, there’s nothing you can’t do! By using these tips, you’ll have a bustling Instagram account in no time.

To learn more about taking great photos or crafting the perfect captions, take a look at our blog. Whatever your preferred platform, we have an article to help you grow it!