3 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Service Instead of Google Translate

3 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Service Instead of Google Translate
3 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Service

If you’re expanding your business into the foreign market, you will need translators, and since you aim to make your brand successful, it’s essential to work with the professionals. Below in this article, we will cover the 3 Reasons to Use a Professional Translation Service Instead of Google Translate. Below the article, here find 3 reasons to use a professional translation service.

You can use free translation services, but are you sure this will give you the translation quality that you need to grow internationally? Google translate may translate anything for you, but such translations may not be accurate. If you’re not convinced to go the extra mile and invest in professional language translation services, check these reasons out. 

Avoid embarrassing translation errors.

Translation errors can put your business in a bad light. An excellent example to illustrate this point is what happened to El Espanol’s website. The administrators of this tourism website translated the web content using Google translate. As a result, site visitors got confused when Centro Botin and the historical town were translated as Loot Center and historical helmet. 

The reason behind this mistranslation is that Google Translate has a hard time translating words that have various meanings. Google Translate cannot understand the context to choose which word fits better in a given sentence. 

Another example of the dangers of not using a professional translation is the mistranslation of Galician produce fair into Clitoris Festival. In 2015, As Pontes officials wrote an announcement in Galician, Google Translate created its Spanish version. However, during translation, Google Translate confused the word “grelo” as Portuguese and translated it into the Spanish term for “clitoris.” 

Errors like these may seem funny, but it can put your brand in a bad light. To avoid committing embarrassing translation errors, it’s recommended to go for language translation services. 

You get translations done from AI translation software. 

If you work with professional translation companies, you can be sure that you’re working with expert translators. These companies use reliable translation software that is on par with the translation capacities of neural machines, statistical machines, and human translators. 

These AI translation software can handle complex translation tasks that Google Translate cannot process efficiently. These tools can also make sure that every translation task is completed consistently and quickly. 

These companies also offer translation solutions done by expert human translators. The advantage of having a human translator is that context is taken into consideration while translating. Instead of having machine-generated literal translations, you get higher-quality, contextualized outputs. 

You get result-oriented translations.

If the text that you’re translating is a marketing piece, Google Translate cannot get the job done as efficiently as an AI translation service. Google Translate may correctly translate a few words or phrases accurately, but it cannot handle SEO translations.

If you’re selling something through your online content, you need a professional translator that is knowledgeable on marketing and SEO translations. While you have the task of creating the content, your translator can accurately translate your piece to draw better leads. A translation company that has a background in SEO can help you build your brand further.

If you still think twice about investing in a professional translator, think about your gains from working with the expert. You may initially pay for the service, but the benefits you gain will easily outweigh the cost that you parted with.

If you value your brand and if you want to succeed in a global marketplace, partnering with a reliable and reputable translation service can provide you with many advantages.