3 Important Energy as a Service (EaaS) Benefits

Service (EaaS) Benefits

Many industries are moving away from one-time purchases and are becoming service-based subscriptions models instead. For consumers, you can easily see this in the form of media consumption. Here we are providing service (EaaS) benefits.

Streaming services are those that provide access to many different shows, movies, and sporting events without having to make a large purchase up front, but instead, make affordable payments each month.

In the commercial space, you can see this popularized with SaaS, or software as a service. Your email marketing platform, website platform, and even payroll platform are prime examples of this.

But it also includes EaaS. EaaS benefits are many, as energy as a service is growing in the commercial sector. If your company consumes a lot of energy, then you need to consider working with an EaaS company to start powering your company more effectively.

But what are EaaS businesses, and why should you work with one? Keep reading to discover how this business model can help your bottom line. 

What is Energy as a Service?

EaaS uses the subscription-based business model example that we have come to know and love in the modern age. Businesses that require large amounts of energy, such as electricity, typically have to power their business through the burning of fossil fuels, purchasing the cheapest energy they can get.

But EaaS can give businesses access to better energy without having to pay a ton of money upfront investment in new equipment. This makes it much more attractive for large businesses, and even consumers, to pursue cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions. 

Because let’s face it; the energy industry hasn’t changed much in many years. While the tech world is changing and moving forward every day, with constant innovations that place businesses and consumers in the center, energy is stuck in the past.

Energy as a service changes all of that. 

EaaS Benefits

Wondering why you should consider using an EaaS provider? Here’s how the best EaaS providers can benefit you. 

1. Save Money With Energy Efficient Improvements

How do traditional energy providers make money? They make money by charging you, the consumer or business, a certain amount of money per kilowatt of electricity that you use.

The more energy you use, the more money they make. As a result, these power companies have no incentive for helping you to make energy efficiency upgrades. Doing so would lower the amount of money that you pay them; a win-lose situation.

So there’s a conflict of interest. Businesses want to save money on energy costs, but energy providers don’t want you to do this. This is the energy efficiency gap.

This is where EaaS really comes in. When you subscribe to an EaaS company, their goal is to make your business more energy-efficient, helping you to save tons of money each month on utility expenses.

An EaaS company works with commercial operations to track energy usage, make improvements to their facilities, and source energy from affordable and environmentally friendly sources. Payment for EaaS companies often comes out of the savings incurred through the upgrades, making it a win-win situation.

That means that your business won’t need to shell out thousands of dollars upfront to make your business run more efficiently. 

2. Access More Clean Energy

One of the main goals of many EaaS providers is to help more businesses access cleaner energy. Most commercial electricity is generated through the burning of fossil fuels, which is destroying the planet at an alarming rate.

EaaS companies make it much easier for businesses of any size to upgrade their power sources, tapping into clean energy alternatives.  This might mean tapping into large-scale solar operations, or the installation of leased solar panels on a private facility.

It also means helping businesses to store larger amounts of energy, rather than letting electricity go to waste. The more energy a facility can produce and store, the more it can save. And the cycle goes on. 

3. Commercial and Residential Improvements

EaaS isn’t just for large commercial operations. We are just now beginning to see EaaS make its way into the largely untapped residential sector.

This is happening primarily with solar power. Most homeowners would love solar panels installed on their properties as a way to save money and participate in the energy solution, rather than contribute to the crisis.

But solar panel installation is expensive, even after the rebates and incentives offered.

EaaS solar providers make it easy for homeowners to install solar panels by leasing the equipment rather than paying upfront for the installation. That means they can start enjoying the benefits of solar today.

And even though payments are to be made monthly, homeowners still save a lot of money on electricity each month. Plus, they don’t have to maintain the equipment themselves, making it super easy for consumers to use and love solar energy. 

Ripe for Change

The energy industry in the US alone is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. And energy monopolies would love to stay in control of the vast majority of that money.

But this is an outdated industry and business model. And it needs to change.

EaaS is making it possible for this industry to finally change, so that energy providers actually work together with businesses and consumers to save more energy.

When energy is saved, our planet’s resources don’t need to be consumed at such a rapid rate. That means less destruction to our fragile planet. And it also means more money that businesses and consumers can spend elsewhere, supporting the economy in new ways.

Energy doesn’t need to be done the same way that it’s always been done. It’s time to take back control from the powerful few and give it back to the people. 

Making the Switch

After reading just a few of these EaaS benefits, you are probably wondering if energy as a service (EaaS) benefits are right for you. If you run a company that uses a lot of energy, and you want to start saving a ton of money, then EaaS is for you.

If you want to contribute to the energy solution, rather than the environmental crisis, then EaaS is right for you. With so many innovative, money-saving solutions available today, there’s no need to continue purchasing energy like it’s 1995. Make the leap today and help your bottom line start growing.

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