3 Habits That Could Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

Chances of Getting a Job
3 Habits That Could Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job

So you’ve begun your job search. You’re applying and want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to get a job that fits your skillset. After all, you worked tirelessly to get your degree, so you deserve to find the perfect position! Here, you can find the details about 3 habits that could increase your chances of getting a job.

You realize that finding a job may not happen right away. But is there anything else you could be doing to increase your chances of getting a job?

Below are three habits to adopt so that you’ll find a job that’s ideal for you. Apply these habits, and you’ll have a better chance of getting the job you deserve!

1. Be Confident in Your Abilities

Before every interview, make sure you’re prepared.

Have in mind the most important skills that you’d like to bring up. During the interview, provide examples of how you’ve used these skills in the past.

Besides your skills, you should be prepared in other ways. For example, calculate your potential salary ahead of time. They may ask, which will catch you off guard unless you know what to say.

It will help if you practice ahead of time by reciting your answers in front of a mirror. You can also ask a friend to pretend they’re a hiring manager and ask you a series of potential interview questions.

No matter how prepared you are, being confident is vital. Even if you don’t know the right answer, being sure of your abilities will be a selling point in and of itself.

But, don’t come across as being pompous — there’s a fine line. Work at being confident yet humble throughout the interviewing process.

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2. Set Up a Professional Website and Blog

If you haven’t yet set up a professional website, get on it ASAP! The idea is to have a website that features your expertise. Having one is an excellent way for potential employers to learn more about you.

Your website can be in the form of a blog, portfolio, or a website that boasts of your skills. We recommend having a combination of all three.

Setting up a business blog is an excellent way to write topics based on your skillset. It’ll impress companies when they read your articles and learn more about your skills in the process.

Surf the web and take a look at different examples before setting one up. Learning as you go works as well! After getting things up and running, be a consistent blogger.

Having a blog article that you write and published a year ago won’t look that appealing to hiring managers. They want to read and see what you’ve been up to recently!

So keep things current and update things regularly so it won’t appear outdated.

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3. Follow Up With the Company

If you haven’t heard back from a company you’d love to work for, follow up with them. It doesn’t hurt to see where they’re at in the hiring process. And, it may remind them just how interested you are in the job!

They may have told you that they’d let you know in a week. After it goes past the week by a few days, reach out to them. Reiterate that you’re very interested in the position.

If there’s something relevant you forgot to mention during the interview, bring it up but don’t go overboard. You may have already mentioned this in your thank you note. And if you did, you shouldn’t bring it up again.

If you hear back and tell you they hired someone else, you can at least focus on other jobs. But, if they’re still in the decision process, it’s good you reminded them that you’re anxious to learn of their decision! Your action could very well help you win the job!

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In closing, putting your best foot forward will give you the best chance of getting hired.

Throughout your job search and getting interviews, you’ll learn a lot along the way. Even if you make what you deem are mistakes, don’t give up.

Besides the three habits we mentioned above, here are a few others you can work on implementing:

  • Let your network know you’re looking for work.
  • Stay dedicated to your job search by treating it as a full-time job.
  • Customize your cover letter and resume for each job.
  • Stay abreast of the current trends so you can impress hiring managers.

Stay dedicated to your job search, and you’ll no doubt find the perfect position!