3 Costliest Mistakes To Avoid While Running An AdWord Campaign

3 Costliest Mistakes To Avoid While Running An AdWord Campaign

The three costliest mistakes that you can make when you are running a campaign are here for your information.  Most people who start with an AdWord campaign think that they can just start releasing their ads in any way that they like.  You need to be very dedicated to the process of putting out these ads because it can be very hard for you to get people to come to your site if they have never seen the ads.  The result is a lot of bad traffic that will cost you money every month. You need to maximize the money that you are making so that you can get all that back after you have paid for good ads.  Use these three steps to make an ad campaign that is far simpler for you to manage.

1. Making Ads That Are The Wrong Color

You need to make ads that match the color of your logo, are not too brash, and actually, are nice to look at.  A lot of people will just make an ad because they think it looks fun without thinking about what a turn off it might be to look at if it was glaring at them when they were trying to find something online.  You need to mute your colors just a little bit so that you do not lose any customers to an add that hurts their eyes. This is a bigger deal than you think, and you need to add color theory to your thought process when you buy the ads.

2. Making Too Many Ads

Digital Hitmen’s paid search results are not going to work very well for you if you are putting out so many ads that you are stepping all over your own traffic.  You do not want to confuse people, and you do not want to put out so many ads that people feel like they are being spammed every time they see one of your ads.  Plus, you need to make ads that will actually work over a long period of time. You can never get how well your ads are doing if you are trying to make so many that people will be inundated with them all the time.  You are wasting your money and resources.

3. You Need To Check Ad Traffic

You need to check your ad traffic to see which ads are actually working.  Most people who are using these ads will find that some of them do better than others.  That is actually fine, but you need to remove the ads that do not work. It is not your fault that the ads do not work.  The public is fickle. You are much better off moving on to something else that you think people will like. In fact, you could tweak ads until they start working.

Everyone who would like to make an ad campaign needs to avoid these three things because they could ruin their campaign and waste their money.  You need to be calculated so that you are bringing in the kind of traffic that will convert sales.