3 Affordable Holiday Homes for Avid Travellers

3 Affordable Holiday Homes for Avid Travellers
3 Affordable Holiday Homes for Avid Travellers

Travelling and exploring new places is one of the most common hobbies, with many loving the idea of going and discovering something unique which they’ve never seen before. Often, people can find themselves falling in love with one of these new places, whether it’s a country, town or village. This tempts you to return as much as possible and for some, the idea of buying a permanent property in their favourite getaway destination seems like the perfect idea.

However, not everyone has the funds to invest in a second property. Buying another house is a major commitment, even if the property market is cheaper in the location of choice. This quick guide is going to look at some of the more affordable holiday homes out there, helping those who are interested in buying a holiday home but are worried about the financials. By the end, you should be inspired to take the next step and find the perfect property in the holiday destination you love. 

Residential Caravans

Let’s start with residential caravans. When people hear the word caravan, they tend to think of touring caravans – the ones which you town behind your car; however, there are more permanent and luxurious caravans out there. Static caravans are homes which can be portable but are generally designed to remain stationary. Usually, these static caravans are stored on dedicated residential or holiday parks, managed by an external organisation. This type of accommodation is prominent all across the world from residential park homes near Wolverhampton, England, to static caravan properties in the South of France. 

These park homes are usually nestled in areas of outstanding natural beauty and feature all the home comforts you’d expert, as well as coming complete with friendly neighbours and on-site facilities. Plus, they tend to be fairly affordable, with even luxury offerings coming up to the price of a cheap house in the area. Prices do vary depending on country and location though, so be sure to do your research.


Micro-homes have slowly but surely grown in popularity over recent years. They are exactly what they sound like, tiny homes, with all the luxuries you need to live life to the full. 

Most people choose to live in a micro-home due to a personal philosophy or simply the novelty of this lifestyle, but many also consider the properties an option because of their affordability. With little land needed to create a tiny property, as well as fewer building materials, the price sees an appropriate drop – even with the many home comforts, you would come to expect.

There are many different types of micro-home and no two are the same. Some are designed to be environmentally friendly, others to be as small as possible and some to just be quaint and fit into the surroundings. Regardless, with a little research, you are sure to find a micro-home in your destination of choice which is both affordable and suits your needs. 

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Mobile Homes and Residential Vehicles

Residential Vehicles

Finally, if you enjoy the journey as much as the destination, then picking up a residential vehicle (RV) is going to work for you. Mobile homes and RVs are designed to hold everything you need to live in a single, moveable package. From a toilet and kitchen to the TV and WiFi, RVs make just getting to your holiday destination part of the experience and can create some of the best memories from your trip away.

In particular, RVs are great for families who want to go on a road trip as they promote socialising whilst also providing the option to stop and enjoy your surroundings whenever you’re ready. Additionally, RVs are cheaper than almost any holiday home on the market, depending on the model you purchase – a great holiday home alternative.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to investigate just how you can achieve the holiday experience of your dreams without breaking the bank. Good luck with discovering the right home for you!