Hello Facebook friends, today I will tell you a latest and hidden trick about Facebook. This trick is only on HowToCrazy.com and viral on Internet. I will give a paragraph of some lines which will make you crazy and your friends fully crazy. Its a hidden trick that I am going to share with you guys.

How To Make Fool or Crazy your Facebook Friends
  1. Open facebook.com in your browser or application.
  2. Ready to post an update from your Facebook Profile with your friends and public.
  3. Now, copy all below text (don’t remove anything).
  4. Paste the above code in your Facebook share box.
    Proof of My Update – Link 

  5. You can check our status from this link. There is no scam with this. To know the trick behind this trick, please read below comment.

  6. After posting you will get a huge response from your friends.
  7. Hurray!
Note – This trick is education purpose only. There is no scam with this.

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