12 Things to do at Chicago

12 Things to do at Chicago
12 Things to do at Chicago

Officially, there are 77 neighbourhoods in Chicago. There are plenty of things to do here during the trip. It is popularly known as the Windy City. Below in this article, we will cover the 12 Things to do at Chicago.

Top things to do during the trip

1. Natural History Field Museum:

This neo-classical museum is considered to be significant as it showcases natural wonders that took place in the world, ranging from priceless gems to dinosaur skeletons. This place is huge and the collections are quite amazing, spanning cultures and sciences. The largest T. Rex skeleton of the world, ‘Sue’ is the main highlight of this museum. 

2. Chicago University:

This University is located at Hyde Park on Southern part of Chicago. This storied school does boast of verdant, scenic campus and is close to Lake Michigan. There can be noticed a beautiful mixture of Gothic architecture, wide, tree lined paths and ivy covered walls. It is both scholarly and wondrous in appearance just like the stereotypical college that you get to see in movies. You can also experience hushed, academic mood here that is quite relaxing. The campus does have several significant cultural landmarks which include Robie House of Frank Lloyd Wright, galleries, museums, indie movie theatre and much more. Visiting scholars and prospective students are offered tours. Also are available several options to see the local neighbourhood. 

3. Garfield Park Conservatory:

The glass enclosed, humid domes of the park is simply breath-taking because of its jewel toned plant specimens that can be found here in thousands. The space is chaotic and wild, put together and orderly, in short, a display of flora, collected from different environments. This park covers an area of 12 acres and you can visit at any time of the year. There is indeed plenty to view like the indoor permanent displays to the colourful, vibrant spring flower. Garden aficionados and plant lovers are sure to love this place. You can get access to this conservatory by availing budgeted public transportation that has this tourist spot as one of its stops. The beautifully designed outdoor space, interesting lectures and verdant exhibits is what offers the city dwellers and tourists alike with the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. 

4. Chicago Pizza Tours:

These tours are full of fun and provides valuable information on this popular culinary and how it is associated with the city. Being well organized, it is a small bus tour that accommodates to about 9 guests at a time to view the 4 pizzerias taking a total time span of about 3.5 hours. There is also present a guide who offers some history lesson prior to giving information on the technique and process. 

5. Wrigley Field:

This iconic landmark is arguably the city’s most visited tourist spot. Baseball fans in millions are known to flock to this stadium to catch a glimpse of it and to take their photos with the stadium as their backdrop. The Wrigleyville neighbourhood is closed to the stadium that at one point of time had flourished in development. There also have come up luxury hotels, outdoor plaza. Bars and restaurants that does help to promote the region’s cultural cachet. It is worth visiting the place. 

6. Whirly Ball:

It is considered to be the home to hallowed local pastime, which is largely hidden to outsiders. It is a curious blending of polo, bumper cars and basketball and is extremely fast paced as well as quite challenging than what it actually appears to be. This facility is built in over 50,000 sq. foot space and is just the perfect place for any group to enjoy their outing and conducting bachelor parties or team building exercises, etc. Even kids can enjoy this place and have immense fun. 

7. Chicago Riverwalk:

The trip is completed without including the Riverwalk in the list. Located in the midst of downtown loop, it is a lower level path constructed for the pedestrians, so that they can get a close view of the stunning Chicago River as well as the towering skyscrapers, besides. This path is manicured and straight forwards with the river being the major element. The twin Marina Towers are quite majestic and can be seen in its glory from river level walkway. You can also get to see few of the greatest architecture marvels of the city like the Merchandise Mart and Mies Van Der Rohe.

The running and walking path tends to follow the natural curves of the river, having different sections that offer fabulous experiences. One section is said to feature seasonal bars and restaurants including City Winery outpost to help thirsty travellers have a taste of fine rose & white wine, while the other side features stadium type seating arrangement, much needed by the travellers to take a small break and to watch the boats pass by. 

8. Shedd Aquarium:

Lake Michigan banks do offers view of the whole marine world, right from the Arctic waters to the Caribbean Reef. There are over 32,000 animals here, with the main attractions being beluga whales, Pacific white sided dolphins (that offers daily shows), stingrays, sharks, otters, etc. 

9. National Museum – Mexican Art:

Although small in size, this museum is said to offer many things ranging from modern protest installations to pre-Columbian art. 

10. Contemporary Art Museum:

This museum is morphing constantly like the others in town. It has a small, but permanent collection and relies upon mainly special shows, ranging from video to installations, trying to push boundaries always. Besides Chef Jason Hammel’s art Marisol, farm-to-table fare also attracts tourists in huge numbers. 

11. Lincoln Park Zoo:

This zoo has been established in Lincoln Park and offers family friendly, free entertainment throughout the year. The sprawling grounds have been incorporated seamlessly within the park. Also, there is nice balance of natural, open space with animal exhibits meant for kids. 

12. Chicago Art Institute:

If culture fascinates you, then this place is really wondrous. Beaux Arts gem is probably the city’s grandest and there are two bronze lions flanking it, which has become the city’s symbol like that of the Willis Tower. 

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