10 Typical Mistakes in College Term Paper Writing

10 Typical Mistakes in College Term Paper Writing
10 Typical Mistakes in College Term Paper Writing

When students write their assignments, they commonly make some mistakes. It’s an inevitable phenomenon. There are typical mistakes referred to all or a concrete piece of writing. One of them is a term paper. It’s a complex assignment with multiple demands. Students try to avoid mistakes in a variety of ways. Below in this article, we will cover the 10 Typical Mistakes in College Term Paper Writing.

One of the solutions to the problems with writing academic papers is a reliable term paper writing service. Such platforms offer the assistance of certified and experienced specialists who can fix and/or avoid all the mistakes. Thus, you can compose a perfect piece.

Another way out is to understand your problems. The solution to any problem begins with recognizing it. If you’re armed with this sort of knowledge, you can begin to search for appropriate methods to overcome your common difficulties. Therefore, we’d like to review 10 typical mistakes made by students in their term paper writing.

Not Following or Knowing the Instructions

Some students seem to be either inattentive or rebels. They don’t follow the rules or at least forget about some of them. Accordingly, they violate the official requirements of their educational institution. Besides, an academic supervisor may have his/her own vision of how to fulfill a term paper. Thus, a student also doesn’t follow those rules and loses multiple grades.

Prompt: Know all the instructions, make sure you understand them and fulfill each.

Using Inappropriate Language

It’s important to use an adequate language, which suits the topic and discipline of the term paper. Moreover, it’s necessary to take into account the audience. You cannot stuff the entire text with complex terms, which aren’t known to most people. Unfortunately, students use inappropriate language. They add too many technical terms, informal words like jargon, contractions, slang, generalizations, etc.

  • Prompt: Use formal language in almost every part of the text.

Making Poor Transitions

One of the main untold demands is to make every text flow. Students may structure it in different ways, but it must be readable. Many of them fail the task. They jump from one subject to another without any logical connection and sometimes, they don’t even end the previous thought.

  • Prompt: Make smooth and logical transitions. Every next idea must be somehow related to the previous one and always related to the topic.

Everything Is Too Long

Some writers like to describe their ideas with long sentences and paragraphs. It’s a huge mistake because such text becomes hard to read. The specification of term papers is already complex and you only add the pains to your readers.

  • Prompt: Break everything you can into smaller parts and sections.


Another typical difficulty is the inability to cite and make references correctly. It’s an important requirement. In order to avoid plagiarism, students must cite the sources they use in their term papers according to a certain writing style.

  • Prompt: Obligatorily learn the peculiarities of your format and strictly follow them.

Overusing the Passive Voice

The issue of the passive voice is also quite typical. Using it too frequently harms the readability of the term paper. Passive voice requires more words to finish the thought and slows down reading.

Prompt: Prefer the active voice. It requires fewer words and makes any text more dynamic.

Exceeding the Length

Every piece of writing has a strict limit of words. The length may vary depending on the educational institution. Nonetheless, the rule is strict – Do not exceed the word limit. Unfortunately, students either forget about it or aren’t able to explain their thoughts shortly.

  • Prompt: Try to deliver lengthy explanations in three-five short but straight to the point sentences.

Problems with Commas

One of the most typical issues is related to comma placement. This mistake appears in any piece of writing. Students don’t place them when they are required or place them in the parts when there is no need for commas.

  • Prompt: You should reread the basics about punctuation and read aloud your sentences to understand what may be wrong.

Run-On Sentences

Sometimes, students also seem to forget to outline two independent parts in the same sentence. When you write two independent clauses, they must be separated with the help of commas or other punctuation markings.

  • Prompt: Always add punctuation to separate independent clauses.

Not Editing Before Submission

Finally, students don’t edit their term papers. Some of them forget to do this important function and the others ignore it. Consequently, their texts are full of mistakes, which deprive them of multiple grades.

  • Prompt: Reread your text several times using different methods and obligatorily use checking applications.

Memorize these mistakes for good! They are frequently repeated by many students and so, deprive the essential grades. If you’re aware of these weak sides, you’ll definitely find the measures to avoid them. Don’t forget to use our short prompts.