10 Nearly Impossible Movie Motorcycle Stunts

Motorcycle Stunts

Movies are the gateway to possibilities; they allow us to channel our desires, sometimes even give shape to the things we couldn’t visualize. Action movies are prime examples of such confounding aspirations. If you ever said that you want to ignore the laws of physics and perform motorcycle stunts while you match the sick beats of a trending song, you’re lying.

Anyway, you get what we’re trying to say, right? There have been countless movies in the past where basic geometrics and physical laws have been mocked and overlooked while you have remained invested in the scene, unbothered. Well, how about we list down some of those pompous tales? You know, the many times stuntmen have outlawed physics.

So, here are the 10 movies motorcycle stunts that are truly impossible in real life. Of course, a quick case study can be for you to watch all Fast and Furious movies in order. But we have diversified the list for you to gain a broader perspective. Also please, don’t emulate these stunts at home, without supervision.

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick is a great action movie, but let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Keanu Reeves and his dapper looks, most of us would have given up on it in the first movie. Why? Well, some stunts are next to impossible in real life, and anyone with even half a brain cell would know they are a death sentence, and yet we buy all of it. For example, one scene that starts with a chase has John hounded by hitmen and assassins.

John, being John, shoots his way through without getting cut by a single man. Hey, this is not even the most ridiculous bit; what he does next is even more unbelievable. He sticks a sword through the spokes of a running motorcycle. And the result? It flips backward. There is no logical or pragmatic way to explain the sudden backflip by the dangerous vehicle, but yeah, that happened.

The Matrix Reloaded

We’re clearly not over Keanu Reeves and his incredible action ventures. But you must remember the time in The Matrix when Wachowskis unleashes Neo along with all the agents on the ground.

There’s a proper chase sequence that has him running into Trinity – who tries to protect Keymaker to ensure the prophecy stays alive. She drives the motorcycle in front of a speeding truck and it still keeps the driver and passengers safe and sound. Now, what is so impossible about this entire stunt?

Well, the motorcycle would have to split into two parts had the two individuals dropped from that height. And also, if that wouldn’t have killed him, the anxiety attack as a reaction sure would have.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Another movie where the chase begins and Conner is frustrated and flying off the overpass, which is basically two stories high in the air. And what happens when he finally lands on the pavement? Nothing. Just a couple of light sparks and he’s speeding the bike already. It’s strange that this scene is one of the greatest cinematic sequences ever.

The Dark Knight

Don’t tell us you didn’t see this one coming; even Batman has the freedom to exercise artistic freedom, you know. But let’s be honest, while he side spun his batwheels, his cape was most likely to get stuck in the wheels. But the strange bit of it all was the size of the tires. Riding a bike with thick tires, driving it up the wall, and turning around mid-air is only possible in The Dark Knight.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Of course, with DC overrun, Marvel was not far behind. Despite being one of the most popular movies of all time, Black Widow made us believe that with the right suit, you too can perform stunts with a bike that are next to impossible.

She basically pulled one of the front brakes in one stunt and lifted the back wheel of the who-wheeler and had the bike in standstill mode. Unrealistic, but it’s on tape, and you can see it.

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

Unrealistic expectations for women were set here in this movie: gorgeous women had the entire world running on their fingers. But hey, the stunts were also quite outrageous and defied laws like apiece of cake. Amongst the many motocross races, there is a mad man who lets go of the handlebars and takes out two guns while he is mid-air and shoots.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Most Bond films have those moments that are impossible to emulate in real life. How does this scene start? Obviously, the man had his hands cuffed, and they were making their way through the crowd. How do they do that? One person handles the clutch while the other controls the brake and throttle.

There’s no way in hell that is possible, but we will give Mr. Bond the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, once they manage to stay alive while a bunch of bullets are sent their way, a helicopter attacks them in the middle of nowhere. The bike speeds up and they run straight through the room with no broken bones, and the best, no damage to the bike. Hilariously impossible.

Knight and Day

Tom and Diaz are fantastic in this movie, and the stunts are as unrealistic as their good looks. In one scene, both actors make their way through the trains and bulls and they find themselves in a relatively small wallet where you just can’t have bikes and bulls running around.

But hey, they turned their bike on one wheel and spun it around like it’s football or something. There is a 360 lunge and we have to give credit to Tom for the superb clutch control.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

In one scene, G.I. Joe is chased by cars and bikes and he does what you should never do: release the handlebars to face backward, to sting them with his sword. And without breaking a sweat, he flips their attacks and slashes his sword through the machine. All of this is done in a matter of seconds. Absolutely mad to witness and impossible to recreate.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Ending the list with our favorite; there’s a fight sequence where you have your regular chase and a wall jump with a bike. Next thing you know, the drivers are driving over cars and having the bike go through small spaces that are honestly small for a person to walk through. There’s a motor head spin and a bunch of other stunts that are absolutely ridiculous, but it’s the rock who is performing them, so you believe it anyhow.

In Conclusion

Action movies are great; you witness several stunts that outlaw physics and make you question your sanity but hey you stay invested till the last second. Why? Because dapper men with a six-pack are behind them. And who in their right mind would not like watching hot men behind the two-wheeler?