After Ringing Bells announced that the Freedom 251 smartphone would be sold for just Rs 251, the entire country and the smartphone industry were taken by surprise. Well, everyone is still thinking about how the company can actually make, sell and gain profits from a smartphone that will be sold for under $4.


Soon after the Freedom 251 online sales went live, millions of people hit the website for an order, only to know that the Freedom 251 website had already crashed with excessive hits on the servers.

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The company has announced that this smartphone is basically aimed towards the ‘aam aadmi’ who are particularly at the extremely low end of the pyramid. Ringing Bells also made an announcement via certain media interviews that eve after selling the smartphones for mere Rs 251, they will still see a profit of Rs 31 per handset. Posted by Ringing Bells on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Notice from ringing bells

Ringing Bells has chosen the ‘cash on delivery’ mode in order to ensure further transparency and clear any misgivings. The company will ‘hand out’ the first batch of 25 lakh smartphones from June 30, 2016.Minutes after opening the website for registrations the servers saw a huge traffic, and the company announced that the smartphone sales would resume after 24 hours.

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The company claimed that they already had more than 6 lakh registrations and while many managed to make payments online, others just could not see the payment page at all. The company has now stopped the online bookings stating that the bookings exceeded the expectations, and they would not be able to deliver the amount of smartphones that were ordered in first phase.q

Many media reports were announcing that the company had absolutely no proof of the factory that will manufacture the device.

The Freedom 251 smartphones that were shown off and handed over to the media for reviews were also shown in low light. The smartphone that was shown off at the launch was not a Freedom 251, but an Adcom smartphone that retails on Snapdeal for approximately Rs 4,000, and the Adcom branding was cleverly hidden behind a whitener. In defence, Ringing Bells soon announced that the smartphone shown at the launch and distributed to the media was a sample and prototype. The actual device would be different.

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